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Wylde Hare, LLC specializes in graphic design services, ranging from print to web, for small to medium-sized businesses. Hopping since 1998, we understand the need for strong, targeted graphic design while occasionally adding a little element of fun. You're invited to hop around our portfolio– this is just a small sampling of some truly "hare-brained" ideas.
Main Street School of Performing Arts (MSSPA)
WH has worked with MSSPA (Now the Performing Institute of Minnesota Arts High School) since before the school even opened its doors. Over the years, as the school's mission has evolved, so has their image. In addition to a wide range of print materials, WH has helped with MSSPA's/PiM's social media, email campaigns, as well as web site development and maintenance.
The Transformed Tree
WH was challenged with the task of developing a logo from a font that was created by the owners 40 years ago. After completion of the logo and identity package, WH has developed multiple ad campaigns, postcards, email campaigns, newsletters and their web site which has undergone many "transformations." To visit their site, click on the thumbnail graphic.
Wayzata Public Schools
In 2007, the client wanted to update their existing calendar to better reflect the full age range of students and the activities of the district. WH created a new color palette, fonts, and redesigned the calendar grids/template for a cleaner, more age-encompassing design. Since that redesign, WH has created the calendar each year with a unique look within the established standards.
It Came From the Drain...
I was cleaning my bathroom one swingin' Saturday night and experienced a horrifying discovery in the drain. I had a vision of a poster and this was the result. This is a great visual when I teach my eco-cleaning class at the MN Landscape Arboretum. Drain maintenance is serious business! (Screaming woman image is from the web - I couldn't find the official source to credit it.)
Free Management Library
Developed by Authenticity Consulting, the Free Management Library is an online resource for nonprofits and for-profits. WH helped to develop a branding for the library, marketing pieces and an ePub. WH was also instrumental in assisting with social media strategies for both Authenticity Consulting and the Free Management Library.
Still Life, c.1977, Colored Pencil on Manila Paper
This is my first still life. It's a wooden bowl filled with apples, in case you were wondering. A friend suggested it looked like a board meeting, well, at Apple. Anyone else ever think that it was called "vanilla" paper vs. manila?
Rebel Footworks & Cinch Chix
Natural barefoot hoof care business isn't as widely know in horsing circles as more traditional hoof care, so the client wanted a logo that instantly made the horse connection, while also maintaining professional quality. Cinch Chix, an innovative sister company of Rebel Footworks, is developing products to make horse care a "cinch" so owners can get out of the barn and back in the saddle.
Tina Turnip
Does this really need an explanation? I drew this after I saw her in concert recently and more accurately, she's more like a jalapeņo, but then, this wouldn't be funny. Tina Jalapeņo...see...doesn't work.
Sid V & the Human Resources
This classic rock-n-roll / blues band was in need of an "image." Project included the logo, cd packaging design + photo shoot, business cards, drum inset and band shirts.
Past Posh Vintage
Past Posh is an online vintage clothing boutique specializing in the "bling" from days of yore. With a female demographic objective and reclaimed fashions ranging from clothing to accessories, Past Posh approached WH to design a logo that evoked the feel of classic style. This logo was inspired by fashion labels from the 1940's and 1950's.
Vote Like Hillary
Not sure where you stand on the political spectrum, but this was my response to one too many conversations with "torn" Clinton supporters after the appointment of Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket. In addition to the bumper sticker, I created tshirts, yard signs and buttons, too. Through a client, the bumper sticker made it to the Hillary camp and to paraphrase her chief of staff, "We Love This!"
West Metro Education Group
Client had existing, out-of-date recruitment materials. WH's rework included the introduction of a new graphical treatment for the materials, a brochure and tabletop-to-floor display.
Wylde Hare's Logo-A-Go-Go
Logos, logos, and more logos...aka Logo-A-Go-Go...aka logos developed by WH for a variety of clients.
United Arts
UA provides support for a variety of arts organizations in the metro area. Each year, they embark on a campaign to encourage businesses to contribute. WH created their original "Venture Into Arts" campaign in 2004 and being aware of budget, the main piece was designed to multi-function as a brochure, a folder, and open into a poster for display.
The Syndicate is a historic reuse condo and apartment development in downtown St. Louis. A key selling point of this property is that it's convenient to everything - a 100% walk score, in fact. These are various ad campaigns WH created for numerous publications. WH also designed other marketing pieces including site signage and sales materials for the project.
Doodletown Toys, Inc.
WH has found the North Pole...it's in Minnesota! Doodletown Toys has been making natural, wooden toys for over 35 years. Recent projects with Doodletown have involved working on a wholesale division for their "Little Toys for Little Hands." WH helped to update the logo, create in-store signage and display options, sales materials and selling tips/tools for retailers. Also, WH created the first female elf at Doodletown Toys, "Checkers," Marketing Guru and Quality Control.
The Snack Shop... To Satisfy Your Technological Appetite
This one is from the vault...At previous employer, a challenge we often faced was how to represent our company's technological goods + services in new ways. I created this Snack Shop animation just for something different. The objective, showing our services in a very non-technical way. Pretzel and a cheese cup, anyone? To see view the animation, click on the thumbnail.
Marentopia is an interactive multimedia piece I created for my then 3-year old niece (and the family, of course.) Structured with the 3-year old user in mind, the piece consists of video, sound clips, artwork and a photo gallery. Once in front of the computer, Maren was able to navigate through it perfectly.
Vista San Jacinto
VSJ is a 32-unit development in Palm Springs, CA. Built in adobe-influenced, modern style, WH developed various marketing materials for the property, created the tag line, "A 21st Mid-century Community," and named the unit plans: the Futuro, the Ulimto, the Moderno.
Hickory Tech
The Talk-N-Go Phone was an affordable, prepayment phone designed for the tween - college market. Working with an established logo, WH developed this entire campaign and materials ranging from brochures to flyers to ads to packaging to bus signs to billboards. WH also coined the campaign's tag line: "Cool Phone. Cool Deal."
Minneapolis Public Schools
Each year, the Minneapolis Public Schools' hold an event called Viva City. Wylde Hare was asked to come up with the imaging for the 2011 theme, Jazz. Project included poster design, invites and program cover.